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           August Arrivals 

The Complete Underwater Diving Manual by NOAA - $19.95

Tools of the Maritime Trades by John E. Horsley - $39.95


North Star to Southern Cross by Will Kyselka & Ray Lanterman - $4.94

Oceania: A Regional Study by Frederica M. Bunge & Melinda W. Cooke (Eds.)– $11.95

Wood Bending Handbook by W. C. Stevens & N. Turner - $9.95

Shipwrecked! By Rhoda Blumberg - $9.95

Atlas of Oceans by D. L. Elder & J. C. Pernetta (Eds.) - $11.93

The Forgotten One and Other True Tales of the South Seas by James Norman Hall – $7.95

Victory at Sea: The Submarine by Thomas Parrish - $7.95

Close to the Wind by John Harris – $4.95

The Blue of Capricorn by Eugene Burdick - $7.95






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