New Arrivals - 8/27




Cruises with Kathleen by Donald Hamilton - $6.95

Captains from Devon: The Great Elizabethan Seafarers Who Won the Oceans for England - $9.95

Lazarus World Voyage: A Hurricane Wreck Circumnavigates the Globe by Tim Sperry – $12.94

Practical Sailor: Guide to Sailing Gear by Dan Dickison - $9.95

Independent Energy Guide: Electrical Power for the Home, Boat & RV - $6.95

Sailing for Dummies [2nd ed.] by J.J. and Peter Isler - $6.95

Small Boats on Green Waters: A Treasury of Good Reading on Coastal and Inland Cruising edited by Brian Anderson - $6.95

Ramage by Dudley Pope - $4.95

The Wooden Boat Index Issues 1- 100 complied by Anne Bray

How to Read a Nautical Chart: A Complete Guide to the Symbols, Abbreviation, and Data Displayed on Nautical Charts by Nigel Calder - $11.95

Boating Skills and Seamanship [13th ed.] by U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary - $ 7.95

Building the Six-Hour Canoe by Richard Butz - $11.95

The Craft of Sail: a Primer of Sailing by Jan Askins - $11.95

Reed’s Skipper’s Handbook for Sail and Power by Malcolm Pearson - $7.95

The Sharpie Sanderling by Lee Hill - $6.95

Mysteries and Monsters of the Sea: True Stories from the Files of FATE Magazine - $6.95

Cruising in a Nutshell: The Art and Science of Enjoyable Coastwise Voyaging in Small Auxiliary Yachts by Tony Gibbs - $7.95

Handbook of Saltwater Fishes: Atlantic, Gulf, and Caribbean by Sandy Romashko - $6.95

Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Sailing by John Vigor - $7.95

Turtle Dove: One Man’s Odssey by Jack M. Thompson - $9.95

Seduced by the Sea: More Stories from Seafaring Kiwis edited by Tess Duder - $7.95

Nelson by Roy Hattersley - $8.95







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