New Arrivals - 6/2


Science and the Canadian Arctic: A Century of Exploration, 1818 – 1918 by Trevor H. Levere - $19.95

The English Navigation Laws: A Seventeenth-Century Experiment in Social Engineering by Lawrence A. Harper - $19.95

The British Shipbuilding Industry, 1870-1914 by Sidney Pollard and Paul Robertson - $24.94

The Business of Shipping [5th Edition] by Lane C. Kendall - $9.95

The Emergence of the Capital Ship by Stanley Sandler - $24.95

Shipbuilders of the Venetian Arsenal: Workers and Workplace in the Preindustrial City by Robert C. Davis - $ 39.95

Captain John Ericsson: Father of the “Monitor” by Constance Buel Burnett - $7.95

Lloyd’s of London by Anthony Brown - $7.95

The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea edited by Peter Kemp - $7.95

The Rise of the Atlantic Economies by Ralph Davis - $5.95

Steam Conquers the Atlantic by David Budlong Tyler - $11.95

American Shipping Policy (1938) by Paul Maxwell Zeis - $6.95

 International Congress of Maritime Museums: Proceedings 1990 – 29.95

Sailing Ships: Their History and Development as Illustrated by the Collection of Ship-Models in the Science Museum [Part II] by G.S. Laird Clowes - $7.95

SS Great Britain by the SS Great Britain Trading Limited (1985) - $3.95

The Wonder Ships of Today by Hoertz produced for the Cushman’s Bakery - $2.95

Mystic: The Story of a Small New England Seaport by Carl C. Cutler - $7.95

A Hundred Years of the Pacific Mail [Museum Publication No. 19] by John Haskell Kemble - $9.95

Anchor and Balance: Der norske Veritas, 1864-1989 by Håkon With Anderson and John Peter Collett  [Signed] - $24.94




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